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Webnovel is a free downloadable application that allows you to create different stories in different genres.

If you can read a novel without signing up for an account, the best thing to do is sign up and subscribe to explore the entire app and enjoy the whole experience.

You can collect stones by registering which are game currencies and communicating with other users through comments and forums.

You can log in with different accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Gmail.

The application interface is simple. You can also access it on the web and everything will be synced so you can pick up where you left off, or you can access your account through the app or the web.

The application is easy to recognize because it is easy to use. You don’t need an educational program because it’s not rocket science to look at yourself.

There is also a library where you can store the novels you want to read to make them user-friendly.


Many books to choose from

There are many books to choose from in various genres. It has been translated, but there are cases where some novels have not been fully translated.

If you go into these novels and limit yourself to the first chapters that you have read, it can be frustrating that you cannot continue reading because the translations have stopped or are not yet available.

Requires a Premium Currency

Previously, some chapters were closed in novels that required a different currency called Soul Stone.

However, many chapters are now closed and may require 12 ghost stones to open a chapter.

This can be frustrating, especially if it’s already in the story. There are ways to get free spirit stones, but collecting the required amount can be time-consuming.

It’s available for in-app purchases, which can be very attractive.

On Top

Webnovel is a free downloadable application that is easy to use due to its simple user interface.
There are many novels to choose from. Registration is very easy.

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Some novels don’t have full translations, and there are chapters that need to be unlocked with a slow-setting premium coin unless you make an in-app purchase or an invitation.

Vishal comic and special novels

Discover our library of exclusive novels such as Supreme Magus, Pet by the young master Damien, Nanomance Rebirth, Library of Paradise Path, Lord of the Mysteries, and Full Marks Hidden as well as many friendly storyboards.

Read scenes from your favorite websites like Avatar King, Released Witch, and Battle Mania. Jump to life in a wonderful world with comic and novel.

Fast daily update

Webnovel Join millions of our readers to get chapters updated daily.

Webnovel offers you a comic book environment for reading comics and novels.

An active community loves to read

Webnovel attracts over a million fragile readers and writers with all the emotions of reading and writing.

Regardless of whether you prefer to read translated or original WebNaville, romance novels or novels, readers and writers come together regardless of gender and share the common interests of reading.

Download Webnovel now. Start your journey reading or writing and be part of a friendly and active community.

Share your story and collect your fans

Join thousands of aspiring writers. Your journey begins and tells your stories on the Internet. “The thousand-mile journey begins with one step.”

Take part in the quick competition every two weeks and publish your novel with our matching system for millions of people who are interested in the same type.

Find your voice and share your message with the world.


WebNovel is a recommended application for those who enjoy reading novels.

You may need to collect a premium coin for free, although it can be slow if you don’t want to spend money, there are many stories to choose from that will interest you.