The Best Alternatives of Keyword Everywhere Chrome Extension [2019]

Hi, friends, I’m Ejaz Ahmed and Today I will share the best alternatives of Keyword Everywhere Chrome Extension.

Basically, keyword everywhere is a chrome extension that provides Serp Database whenever you type any keyword in your web browser.

The main thing is that you have to install Keyword everywhere chrome extension on your web browser in order to see Monthly Searches, CPC, and Competition of that specific Keyword.

Keyword everywhere is Gone paid from 1st October 2019 (Ghrebon ka Aakhri Shara bi Cheen lia is NY) and there is a funny thing that Keyword Everywhere takes Data from Google Keyword Planner which is free Tool provided by Google Ads.

Actually, the reason is that Keyword Everywhere is now become a popular extension to search Monthly Searches, Cost Per Click, and Competition then they want money from its users to gain profit from there Extension.

Mostly peoples use this extension to find SERP data of any keyword as there is no browser extension for Google Keyword Planner Tool.

You can do some Lite-On Page Seo(Halki Phulki on Page Seo) with the help of this Keyword research extension.

If we talk about its working then its working is not 100% accurate but you can use it for normal keyword research.

So let’s come to the Point. Now I’m sharing One Free Keyword Research Chrome Extension and One Free Keyword research Tool look like the same as keyword everywhere extension.


Wonder Search is a free tool that shows Monthly Searches, Cost Per Click and Competition or keyword difficulty.

Simply visit link that’s given below and start your keyword researching free for lifetime.

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