Hello Friends today im sharing a new software update for Starsat Sr-2000 Hd Hyper receiver.


So if we talk about StarSat company, this is a Saudi Arabia company.

This company manufactures satellite receiver products and develops receiver software.


This company is very famous in Saudi Arabia and its products are of very durable and high quality.


I use products made by StarSat company myself and as far as I share my experience I have no problem to use these things in the past.


The quality of a company depends on the trust of its customers.

The products made by this company are very good and lasting, so everyone in Pakistan and the rest of the country uses the products made by this company.

The company manufactures satellite products as well as receiver software.

In today’s article I am going to share with you a software developed by this company.

So guys, this company only builds software when there is a problem with their product.

I will share a new Starsat Sr-2000 hyper software regards to Ten Sports channel owned by Sony Telecommunication Authority.

So even if your receiver does not have TEN Sports running, you can easily install the software and run the TEN Sports on your receiver.


Starsat sr-2000 hyper is a new update of September 2019.

Ten Sports worked on 15 September on this new update but now or today I cannot guaranty that it will run Ten Sports on Asiasat 7.

Below the Downloading link for Starsat sr-2000 hyper new update September 2019.

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