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Hello, Friends Today I’m sharing ShareiT-Transfer any File.If you are searching for the ShareiT Android app then you are on the right website.

The SHAREit program is one of the specialized programs in transferring data and applications between mobile phones, and it is considered one of the most famous and best programs in this range and to do that task, especially as the Shareit program for the mobile is characterized by its speed in transferring data and sharing files, other applications and images; where the program works without the need To the Internet, and the ShareIt Mobile program was able to prove itself and its worth, as it is used by millions of people everywhere in the world, in addition to its multiple advantages in terms of not having to use Bluetooth or any internet connection like any other program.

Advantages of the Shareit Mobile program:

  1. We aim through our article to clarify all the advantages that the Shareit program offers to the mobile with ease.
  2. We try to collect all the information that the program targets in order to include the different benefits and uses Various features.
  3. With Share, you can easily share videos, photos, music clips and applications without an internet connection.
  4. Mobile T-shirt is characterized by its great speed in transferring files, as it beats other means of transportation such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and others.
  5. ShereiT download on mobile without internet, bluetooth or any other cables.
  6. You do not need data protection values.
  7. You can share the same application with your friends through the application itself.
    With it you can send and transfer large files in a short time.
  8. You can communicate with many people; you can communicate with 5 other devices.
  9. With it you can transfer and send files from mobile phone to computer easily.

How to download SHAREit:

Through the Google Play page you can download the program to your mobile phone, but you must first log in to your account on Google Play.

After downloading, press Install.

Then press Install after the final download interface appears.

The program will then be downloaded and installed automatically to your phone, but your phone should be left online.

Share it for mobile:

After downloading the application, open it and press the start word.

Then enter the name and the picture you want to appear to your friends when you contact them.

How to send files to Shareit:

First you have to open the application, then press send.

Then you must select the files to be sent and then click on the word “Send”.

Then select the addressee and wait for the specified files to be sent to the recipient.

How to receive files on ShareiT?

After opening the program, you must click on the receipt and wait until the sender selects the files sent and sent to you.

Where can I find the files received in ShareIt for mobile?

The files, applications received, video and audio clips are located in a locality located on the main page of the program, and there are also files received in the share file located in the internal memory of the phone, after entering the file manager.

How can I send files to my computer and computer via Sharepoint?

In order to communicate between the computer and the mobile phone, the program must first be installed on the computer.

Then click on connect to computer.

Then click on the computer’s avatar after the appearance to connect and send files to it.

How to share files across a group using SHAREit?

You can share files within groups consisting of 5 devices, by clicking on the group’s participation in the program.

Then you should join one of the groups that one of your friends created or create a new group and your friends joined.

After contacting the group avatars, the files to be sent can be identified by the + sign.

Through the program, you can also send messages to your contacted friends.

It is worth noting that the program works on all devices that support Android system, Windows phone system and IOS system, it also supports Windows system on computers, as you can download games and enjoy watching the proposed and most viewed videos.

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