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SadaPay, a digital portable wallet launched in Pakistan from a different perspective in terms of images and prices.

Customers can now open an account from their phone within two minutes by uploading their personal photos and a CNIC photo, receiving a card and spending money anywhere in the world.

SadaPay can now issue Mastercard cards in any market where the Mastercard card is accepted.

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This represents approximately 210 countries with the best forex transaction rates in Pakistan and enables seamless transactions all over the world, including online payments.

The SadaPay debit card is accepted online on international websites such as Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and AliExpress.

This has been a major problem with cards in the Pakistani market not only to enable secure online payments but also to improve the online user experience.

SadaPay offers a very innovative approach to banking and is fundamentally different from traditional banks that people in Pakistan are used to.

There are no monthly or annual fees on SadaPay accounts, customers can withdraw ATMs three times a month, and IBFTs for other bank accounts and mobile phone wallets under 10,000 rupees are free.

The SadaPay app also offers a number of other functions, Free and instant local transfers, cost statistics and card activation checks in the app.

However, the team plans to launch several useful products such as custodians, taxes and loans.

The SadaPay account also changes the game independently as it allows them to receive payments from international customers with digital accounts that can be paid by credit card anywhere in the world.

Not to mention that freelancers have always had trouble opening bank accounts in Pakistan.

In addition, SadaPay’s innovative approach will not only disrupt the national banking sector, but also contribute to financing the “non-banking” part of the Pakistani population.

Challenging banks have disrupted global banking and eliminated many financial intermediaries.

SadaPay wants to deliver the infrastructure internally and focus on offering all its services through digital channels.

This initiative could significantly promote financial inclusion in Pakistan as approximately 87% of the population do not yet have banks.

Bringing the public to a well-documented economy and creating a platform where everyone can connect seamlessly will have a huge impact on thousands of lives.

Goodbye Bank Charges

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SadaPay will be launched in early 2020. Download the app now to pre-register in our queue.

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