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OctaFX Trading App

Create, monitor and store OctaFX business accounts with just one app.

The OctaFX Trading App is an official checking account that allows you to monitor your OctaFX profile, live account, demo and competition, and manage deposits using built-in tools.

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This new fast-paced app with an attractive and user-friendly design will make you fall in love from the first touch.

It’s easy to create accounts

Whenever you need to open an order with a new lever, you can register on the go and create an account with just a few clicks.

Inventory control to control the business

The OctaFX Deposit ControlĀ® trading app shows you how much money you need to collect to support your current order or to create a new order to capture the latest trend.

Feel free to work with us without worrying about missing an opportunity or losing your progress.

With our deposit history feature, you can follow your strategy and instantly get your balance back manually using the most recently used deposit size and preferred payment options to save time.

Access your preferred trading platform

In addition to checking your trading accounts and monitoring account balance numbers, we’ve added integration with the trading platform so you can start trading with ease. Select an account, select the trading app and access it with OctaFX trading app accounts.

Some great features of the OctaFX Trading App account:

  • Manage your business accounts
  • Create trading accounts, change leverage, activate no-swap options, change passwords and restore them
  • Language Support in Chinese, Bengali, English, Hindi, Indonesian,Portuguese, Spanish, Thai and Malay
  • Make deposits and withdrawals using the most common payment options.
  • View your transaction history or detailed account, apply appropriate filters and cancel your previous deposit
  • Start trading on a compatible trading platform app
  • Complete your demo account
    View competition statistics and access your competition accounts
  • View rewards and statistics on active and completed rewards

Earn money with our competitions:

We are constantly holding competitions with real prizes for money and product. We currently have two practice competitions.

To participate, you can simply open an available demo account with no investment and try out fake trading strategies and platforms.

You don’t have to spend your money or provide much of your personal information, but you can win up to $ 500 in real money in the competition round.

We have a dedicated dashboard for quiz accounts in the app where you can manage your money, monitor your current rating and track travel times.

Some useful tools for the dealer:

Market Insight to keep up with the times
With market insights in the OctaFX trading accounts app, you can monitor the most influential daily news sources, get daily trading insights, monitor weekly forecasts and weekly reviews to prepare for the next trading step.

50% bonus on deposit:

Sometimes forex traders want to trade more profitably, but they are not willing to take risks. OctaFX Forex Broker fulfills this desire with a 50% bonus on deposits which allows traders to increase their account balance by starting Forex trading at higher profits.

Protection from negative balance:

When margin calls and automatic stop outs don’t work properly, OctaFX is the company that takes care of you and covers the negative balance for you. You can also easily withdraw bonus funds for use.

Integration of the profit calculator:

To inform you of possible gains and losses, you can use the OctaFX trading account application to check the performance of the instruments.

Monitor the latest market prices for the instruments and calculate profits with MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and Trader.

The calculator tool also shows the details of your net income (including gross income), swaps and business fees.