Hello, friends today in this article i will tell you About How To Increase Your Website Traffic-Some Social Marketing tips For your Blog 2019.


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Today most of the beginner are worry about traffic on their blog. They don’t know very well to drive real traffic to the blog.

Some peoples want to grow their business in order to make money.
Mostly peoples search on internet About some social marketing tips for business.

Although our topic is to drive traffic for your blog so, in this article, I will try my best to explain about some social marketing tips for your blog.

Social Marketing By Facebook


  • Make a Page about Your Blog on Facebook
  • Now Choose your audience for the blog
  • Now Search Facebook Groups & Join groups about your topic
  • Post on your facebook page by uploading a thumbnail of your post first then paste your link of that post & click on publish
  • Now Share your post from your facebook page to Facebook Groups
  • Now You can increase your Facebook page likes by using above method & also you can get traffic on your blog

Social Marketing By Whatsapp 


  • Get info about Your Topic(Choose Audience type for your blog)
  • Now search on internet about WhatsApp group links
  • Join Whatsapp groups
  • Make a list of your blog posts by mentioning the name of that post
  • Now Share your list of blog posts link in every Whatsapp groups one by one.
  • In this way, more users will come to your blog & traffic from this way don’t affect to your blog

Social Marketing By Quora & Reddit

  • Simply join Quora & Reddit by using a Google Account
  • Now choose Topic of Your interest or blog
  • Now try to help someone by Answering a Question about your topic
  • Now paste the link to your blog post at the end of that Question
  • In this way, you can increase the traffic of your blog as well as its Ranking

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