Hello, friends today in this article im sharing Gx6605s 5815 v4.1 New powervu keys ok software 2019.

These receivers are very high-quality with respect to the board.
its basically a chinese company that makes satellite products as well as satellite receivers.
Gx6605s is board version of that receivers.
Prices of these receivers are very low in market that’s why every people buy these receivers.
Quality of these boards is very well as compared to other receiver’s board.
These boards have only defects that they cannot bear the electric shock.
As Electric shocks sudden in these electronic boards then it becomes weak and releases all memory.

This update is totally new and you can watch Ten sports free of cost by using this Gx6605s new powervu software.

Sony Network on Intelsat 66 and 68 is not guarenteed but Sony on Asiasat 7 is fully ok by this new update.

Gx6605s V4.1 Powervu Keys Ok Software 2019 STB Info

Gx6605S Receivers new software Sony Ok



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