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Epic Games has just abandoned the fight it had against Google for the famous 30% commission charged by app stores. While the developer resigned herself to paying that commission on the Apple App Store, on Android she skipped that commission by launching Fortnite from outside the Play Store.

Well, 18 months later, the famous battle royal Fortnite officially arrives on Google Play, accepting the Google rates, which are the same that any developer accepts when publishing on the Play Store. Google makes no exceptions.

Epic Games acknowledges that they have changed “everything” due to the disadvantages that Fortnite has been suffering from being published from outside the Play Store. The developer blames Google Play Protect, which with the excuse of security blocks software from unknown sources to prevent malware, which penalizes its downloads.

It is true that not everyone knows how to install applications from outside Google Play. Installing and configuring the Fortnite installer was something that was pulling back many less expert users, especially due to the fear of downloading some unofficial installer. Now you can download Fortnite more comfortably and with greater security from the Play Store.

Epic Games announces that it will keep the two versions updated, the new one from Google Play, and the one released almost two years ago that will be updated from its own game.

Fortnite has come to Google Play! Be a competitor and fight for the final in Battle Royal or use your imagination to create a Fortnite dream.

On mobile devices, Fortnite is the game you know from PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Switch. The same card, the same game, the same weekly updates. Build your castle as you fight for the ultimate position. Jump around the world or with friends in the same room!

Developed by Unreal Engine 4

Creative – Enter a world of endless creative possibilities. Play with your friends and discover countless creations from the community. Visit the Creative Hub and see the recently featured islands every day.

Build and Destroy – Customize the battlefield by creating your own deck. Is the opposition hidden behind the wall? He pulls his hat out to get to the brim.

GEAR UP – Fight the bus and board in your favorite area. Collect resources, collect equipment, and fight your opponents! Another permanent victory.

Uttar Pradesh with friends – Work with your friends around the world or in the same room!

Epic updates and events – Weekly updates are always fun. New game modes, crazy new looks for your avatar, new weapons, and items … Fortnite is constantly expanding.

Focus on the road – play the whole game anytime, anywhere. Complete missions on the journey, go through your battle, and more.


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