Hi friend How are You? Today I’m sharing with you DK V1.01 new software update September 2019.

This receiver is very good in terms of quality.
It is primarily a satellite manufacturing company in China.
The company manufactures satellite receivers, LNB, and other satellite products.
The most important thing about this company is that it builds the theme for the receiver very well.
These receivers have more beautiful theme regarding to other receivers.
The main thing is the Menu of those receivers.
Its Menu is made by using a custom HTML/PHP language.The menu is helpful for peoples who have not a big knowledge about functions of receivers.

This update is for Sony Network but Sony Network is not fully confirmed on this update as ten sports are off on some receivers at the time.

You can download and check software yourself for watching Ten Sports.

DK V1.01 NEW SOFTWARE is released by 16 September and is not guarenteed that it will play Sony Network.
However, downloading link for software is given below.

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