Cyberghost VPN-Cyberghost VPN Review

Hello Friends Today in this article im sharing Cyberghost VPN.if you are searching for Cyberghost VPN then you are on right website.

CyberGhost is a great app for Android devices. VPN offers you complete features with many benefits. The main advantage of this is that it hides your IP address.

If you use the app, your original IP address is not used. Instead, the app replaces the network IP address from your server.
Therefore, your activity cannot be detected online.

It also gives you Wi-Fi security. If you use public connection, websites can monitor your browser activity. Cyberghost VPN protects your privacy and security, even when using a public Wi-Fi network.
This gives you the highest possible coding and uses a strict policy of no registration.

Therefore, it is ideal to stream and stream videos online, as well as browse the internet any day.

We don’t think it’s as good as our favorite Nord vpN, but it’s definitely one of the best services.

You can read the full CyberGhost overview for a full list of features that this VPN service provides.

Use CyberGhost VPN on Android

  1. Download the CyberGhost app from the Play Store
  2. Create an account if you choose the trial version. You can use the app for some time without any restrictions. Once the trial ends, you will need to sign in to continue using the app.
  3. You can only install the app if your smartphone or tablet has at least Android 4.4
    If you want to use CyberGhost, the next step is to open the app.
    If the app opens, it indicates that you are not yet connected to a VPN
  4. Click the power button to enable the VPN service if the connection mode is in the best location.
    You can also touch the contact details to select the country. You get a list of countries and you can choose one of them.
  5. By clicking on the “Best Website” option, you will be linked to the most suitable server for good performance based on your location.
  6. If you choose a country, the site connects you with the best server in that country.


  • Protection against leaks

This network protects you from leaks such as IPv6, DNS forwarding and leaks.

  • Hidden IP

The network keeps your IP address hidden. Replace your original IP address with one of your servers.

Therefore, it is almost impossible for websites to find your identity.

  • Encryption

All VPN connections on CyberGhost are protected with 256-bit AES.

The protection is excellent because it is impossible to slip outside.

  • Blocks

This feature blocks all connections if it detects a loss of CyberGhost connection.

  • Without registration

CyberGhost works with a strict, unregistered policy to keep all users confidential.

  • Ad unit

This feature filters out potentially annoying ads. Blocking ads can help you load pages faster and improve your experience. It also helps keep malware out.

  • Safety From Malware Website

The network detects and blocks potentially dangerous websites. This eliminates them and improves your browsing speed.

  • Social monitoring block

The network prevents social networking components from detecting and recording browsing behavior.

Block social media elements like Facebook buttons.


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