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Android Remote Desktop

Hello, Friends Today in this article I’m sharing Android Remote Desktop App. If you are searching for Android Remote Desktop then you are on the right website.

Remote Desktop for Mobiles: A program that allows you to connect to a remote personal computer from a mobile phone. Through this connection, you can access other computer file network resources and applications. It allows you to control your personal computer using your mobile phone and the Internet, a very useful tool for those who cannot access the computer or people with special needs, this program can be used with all mobile phones and BlackBerry devices.

You can manage desktops using a tree view. You can leave an application running on one of your computers and then connect to it and use that app.

The program is a remote desktop client for the VNC RDP and Hyper-V protocols. The program is designed to be used with the Windows operating system.

With this program, you will not need a degree in Communications to set up remote desktop devices. The topic is still difficult and complicated but much easier in this program.

Remote Desktop for Mobiles features:

  1. A clear arrangement of remote desktops from the most popular RD protocols similar to Windows Explorer.
  2. Optimize the remote desktop workspace that can be selected in different modes.
  3. Integrated host control (restart, shutdown, etc.) for remote desktop.
  4. Combining the use of integrated RD protocols.
  5. Remote desktop support via Microsoft Remote Desktop Gateway.
  6. Support for VNC authentication via “MS Logon II”.

Download Remote Desktop for Mobiles:

  • We download it for free and install it on mobile, then we run it.
  • Program interface, click Accept to continue.


  • Click the arrow marked to add the computer you want to access.


Enter the IP address of the computer you want to access, then click Save.

Pros and cons of Remote Desktop for Mobiles:


  1. Windows connectivity for desktop computers and servers only
  2. The rich multi-touch experience that supports Windows gestures with RemoteFX
  3. Access remote resources such as printers using the Remote Desktop Gateway
  4. Access Android Local Storage from remote Windows applications
  5. A well known Secure connection B/W remote computer using the latest network-layer authentication


  1. Cannot connect to operating systems other than Windows
  2. Special technology cannot connect to Windows 10 Home

Download Android Remote Desktop App